Keppie Healthcare


Care, compassion and collaboration

Healthcare facilities are places of emotional extremes, providing the setting to some of the most defining moments in our lives. And since the ‘Falkirk Ward’ – the first ever NHS project in Scotland – Keppie have been at the forefront of design innovation in healthcare. These facilities offer unique opportunities for our designers to positively influence this experience and the quality of life for patients, visitors and staff. All of whom must deal with the pressures and emotions every day brings.

In the last 15 years we have been involved in the design and delivery of over £3.5bn worth of healthcare facilities in the UK alone. Our public healthcare system is looked on enviously around the world. And as governments try to find the right model to apply to their country, many seek to use our unique expertise and experience.  As a result, we’ve exported our unrivalled skills to projects overseas, putting together an extensive portfolio of international healthcare projects.

Wherever we work in the world, we do more to go beyond the functional. To go further than impressive design. Our mission is to take our refreshingly human approach to design and put it at the heart of healthcare, so that every facility we’re involved with changes the lives of those who use it for the better.