Keppie Workplace


Because we all spend too much time at work not to love being there…

Wherever we work, whatever industry we’re in, we can all see the pace and degree of change in our workplaces. New technology, increased globalisation, increased interconnectedness – how we work is constantly evolving. We’re moving around more, using more technology, even working more hours. Your team might be spread across the country, or across the world.

Our award winning workplace projects have been designed with this rate of change in mind, and designed to break the mould. Creating resilient, purposeful, future-looking solutions that re-energise workspaces and the people who use them. New ideas, new innovations that help individuals, teams and organisations work better, wherever they work.

We’re proud to have been consistent participants in the evolution of industry standards, and have contributed to key design guidelines that are the standard today. In the last 15 years, we have created over 5 million sqft of remarkable workplaces for over 30 industry-leading organisations.