Alexandria Smouha and Mowassat Hospitals

Alexandria Hospitals Egypt

Alexandria Smouha and Mowassat Hospitals

Alexandria Hospitals Egypt


Arab Academy


Omar ElKheshen






75000 sqm



“We could not have hoped for a more appealing and inspiring design for this large landmark hospital. Keppie produced a highly-logical concept that will be as much of a pleasure to operate as it is to look at. Thanks for a great job, Keppie.”

Omar ElKheshen, Arab Academy

First Wave of PPP projects in Egypt

Mowassat Specialised University Hospital and Smouha Maternity Hospitals form part of the Alexandria Hospitals PPP, the first wave of PPP projects in the country. Mowassat Hospital is seen as a Centre of Excellence for Neurology and Urology/Nephrology and is to provide approximately 35,000m2 of floor space that includes Casualty, Radiology, Operating Theatres and Outpatient Departments and over 200 bed spaces.

Smouha Maternity Hospital will provide over 40,000m2 of floor space and in addition to maternity services will house facilities for a Blood Bank. Both hospitals will provide extensive teaching and training facilities.

Both hospitals are faced with challenging sites in terms of area and as a result drive a similar response to the concept diagram. A podium and tower solution allows the design to maximise the potential for the sites and in both instances the compact plan form optimises clinical adjacencies and minimises travel distances, while a central atrium allows natural daylight to filter into the heart of the building, and ensures the building is easily understood.