Kampung Admiralty Singapore

Kampung Admiralty Singapore

Kampung Admiralty Singapore

Kampung Admiralty Singapore

Kampung Admiralty Singapore

Kampung Admiralty Singapore


WOHA Singapore / Alexandra Health System


Richard Kuppusamy






9800 sqm


In Design



“The Admiralty Medical Centre will provide services to the community in two ways; those who are mobile can visit the medical centre for treatment. For those who are elderly and frail or home-bound, our healthcare staff will be able to use the medical centre as a base to reach out to them. The proximity of care will be beneficial to the residents. By integrating the centre into the community, we will also be able to actively involve residents and educate them on healthy living through good lifestyle habits, and raise awareness of their health status.”

Mr Liak Teng Lit, Group CEO of Alexandra Health System


BCA Green Mark logo

BCA Green Mark
Platinum Award 2017

BCA Awards - Recognising Excellence in the Built Environment

BCA BIM Awards2017
Gold Certificate

BCA - MSF UD Mark For Family-Friendly Business

Universal Design Mark GoldPLUS (Design) Award 2017

Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat

CTBUH Best Tall Building Award 2019
Mixed-use Building

CTBUH Urban Habitat Awards 2019
Single-site Scale

Flagship mixed use development incorporating medical centre

A one-stop community-cum-residential mixed use development, Kampung Admiralty is a flagship project that explores creative ways of intensifying land use in land scarce Singapore. The aim was to design a development that fosters a greater sense of community, facilitates the seamless delivery of care and creates an environment which encourages ageing in place.

The Admiralty Medical Centre forms an integral part of Kampung Admiralty, a new community development close to the MRT station. The scheme uses a tiered approach comprising a public People’s Plaza with sheltered community spaces, retail and Hawker Centre on the ground tier, the Medical Centre spread across two floors in the mid tier, and a tranquil, more intimate and semi-private Community Park with the Senior Care Centre, Childcare Centre, Senior Activity Centre, Sky Terrace and Studio Apartments for the elderly on the upper tier.

These three distinct tiers juxtapose the various building uses into an architecturally, structurally and sustainably integrated solution. Services provided by the Medical Centre include endoscopy and day surgery, outpatient services such as ophthalmology and geriatric medicine, allied health services and community care.

Kampung Admiralty Singapore
Kampung Admiralty Singapore

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