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A blockbusting co-star for the big screen (and little ones too)

Like so many areas of our daily lives – how we shop, how we bank, how we interact, the way we watch films and TV shows has changed forever too.

The digital revolution means everything from pre production to filming and post production has to be faster, more agile and more adaptable. And it all needs the facilities to match. Just as the industry has transformed how it works, so we can transform where it works with suitably dynamic design. The work we’ve done mirrors the industry’s drive for energy and experience, and its need for increased flexibility to respond to these ever-changing platforms.

We’re right at the forefront of transforming the Scottish creative media industry. And are designing and delivering an ambitious project that will deliver a world class film studio to Scotland.

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We’re a trusted partner with global agility on both private and public sector projects of scale

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