Keppie Services


Remarkably passionate, refreshingly grounded

We’ve always been true to ourselves, and true to our roots. With titans of design like Charles Rennie Mackintosh amongst our past principals, our current team of designers are rightfully proud of our history and just as passionate about the legacy we can leave. Which is more than architectural style or iconicism. It’s about instilling our values into buildings which can transform everyday life for those who use them – both today, and for future generations.

That’s pragmatic, international, people-focused sustainability; firmly grounded in real life. But it’s not just our history that keeps us out in front. Or our size and successes. It’s our agility. Our freedom to adapt and respond. To react quickly to solve problems or when we spot opportunities. For an international company of our size and success, that’s unusual. But we can be agile because we make all the decisions. No plc to answer to. No rules to stick to. And that’s just how we like it.

And how our clients like it too. We’re a trusted partner on private and public sector projects of scale around the globe. We collaborate with the biggest international names in construction, engineering and architecture. Arts & Culture, to Healthcare, from Education to Sport, from Workplace to Retail – we won’t be pigeon-holed because we have a fully exportable skill set that makes a difference wherever we work.