Keppie Residential


The home of better residential design

More of us are living longer. More of us are working from home.  All of us want a better work/life balance. Which is why we need a different kind of housing, for a different kind of living. We believe a stronger connection between where we live, work, learn and play is essential for better sustainability and all round wellbeing.

And, more than that, we understand that how people want to live together is changing too. Successful residential developments have changed from zoned housing into a mix of tenures – private and social tenants, students, young couple, families.

Somewhere people can all come together in a much more mixed environment to create a vibrant, inclusive and diverse community and a unique place to call home. And so in our residential portfolio you’ll see how we’ve successfully created large-scale, community-driven urban, suburban and mixed developments which don’t just change where people live, but how they can live too.