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Collaborative, creative and curious catalysts for change

At its most basic, architecture deals with the needs of everyday life – creating the buildings and environments in which we live, learn, work, heal and relax. But at its most complex, we believe the purpose of architecture extends beyond the process of image making. It influences our quality of life. Affects our wellbeing. Inspires us. Makes us more productive. Makes us feel better about ourselves and those around us.

We believe architecture is a social art with people as its focus. And we believe our architecture can transform peoples lives. It starts with listening to our clients. Properly listening. To better understand their aspirations and analyse the socio-economic, cultural and built environment context of each and every project, wherever that might be in the world. And to ensure the perspective of the users of our designs is always front of mind.

Whilst we have a collaborative, creative, curious and charismatic spirit, we consider our strength as leading architects lies in our deserved reputation for practical thinking and technical excellence.

We are problem-solvers. Future proofers. Solution finders. We are respected for our innovation-based approach to architectural design, conceived and delivered by our talented designers who are always looking to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Key Architecture Contacts

Architecture Louisa Jordan Testimonial
“I want to offer my sincere gratitude and thanks to the designers, contractors and NHS Scotland staff who have come from across Scotland to work tirelessly to transform the SEC into the NHS Louisa Jordan. You are an inspiration to us all. The decision on patients being accepted at the NHS Louisa Jordan will be reviewed on a regular basis. I hope this facility will not be needed as, alongside the public’s continued efforts to stay at home, NHS Scotland has already taken steps to increase the number of NHS beds. The exceptional efforts of everyone involved in creating NHS Louisa Jordan during this unprecedented public health emergency will ensure this national facility will be able to treat patients from across Scotland, helping to save lives and protect our NHS.”

Jeane Freeman, Scottish Government Health Secretary