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Film Studios Gartcosh


Edinburgh Caledonia Film Studios Ltd




180000 sqm


RIBA Stage 2 Complete, Pre- Planning Public Consultation

Scotland’s First Bespoke Film & TV Studios

Located just 12 miles east of Glasgow City Centre, the new Studio complex is spread over a land area of 180,000m2 (44 acres) and comprises of 10 film and TV sound stages, with one sound stage to be equipped with a 270deg. VFX LED screen for digital filming. A stand-alone media hub and pre/post-production office facility, construction and technical workshops including an artisan training school, secure gatehouses, and a large flexible backlot area with an additional 20,000m2 area set aside for studio expansion complete the studio site.

Each sound stage provides between 1,000 – 3,200m2 of flexible filming area, and is supported by attached facilities buildings containing numerous dressing rooms, green rooms, make up rooms and storage facilities. The central post-production building supports the development by providing flexible and rentable office space, cinema rooms, broadcasting suites, and visual effects and TV editing suites. A 200-room hotel has also been included in the design to provide accommodation facilities for cast and crew.

The EdinCal Film Studios complex recognises the importance of its role with the Film and TV industry in Scotland and includes a Film Academy along with student residences, to provide real-world support for university and college degree courses.