The energy to embrace change, the experience to lead transformation

The world is changing. Constantly, quickly. Sometimes unrecognisably. How people live, learn, shop, relax, interact. And working all around the world, we embrace those changes. We design and deliver for them. Our enthusiasm for learning, and our curiosity for what’s new and what’s next means we play an important part in shaping these transformations. For the people that our projects and ideas will directly benefit, in whatever country we’re in.

After all, we design life changing architecture for people. We listen to people. To better understand them. To design better for them. And everywhere we work, we’re careful to always show the utmost respect to, and considered thought for, the local people. To their culture, their religion, their lives. We promote inclusivity and equality, social and moral responsibility, human rights and human empowerment.

Because what makes us different is not just our attitude towards design. But towards life itself.

We’re deadly serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have an attitude of hard graft, pragmatism, innovation and fairness – true to our Scottish roots. Solid processes and methodical attention to detail underpins a great sense of humour. We deal with large, complex projects but we revel in the unique challenges they bring. We take pride in being extremely easy people to work with.