SFRS Cambuslang ARC

SFRS Cambuslang ARC

SFRS Cambuslang ARC

SFRS Cambuslang ARC


Scottish Fire & Rescue Service


John Gillies


Completed 2023




4000 sqm



State-of-the-Art Asset Resource Centre for Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Following the completion of an initial Options Appraisal Study via Hub South-West, Keppie were appointed in 2020 to carry out the design and delivery of the West Asset Resource Centre – a new state-of-the-art Asset Resource Centre for the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service adjacent to the existing SFRS Headquarters and training facilities in Cambuslang on the outskirts of Glasgow. This new facility will provide a centre to service the fleet and emergency vehicles, as well as providing office, storage, and staff welfare facilities.

The appearance of the facility is that of a large shed, befitting its use as a predominately industrial building. A simple palette of external materials is used – corrugated black wall cladding with dark grey flashings, window frames and personnel doors, supplemented by a standing seam roof. A parapet around the roof keeps the 4 degree pitch hidden from view and maintains the simple massing and rectilinear proportions of the building externally. The vehicle doors, coloured red, are provided to every vehicle bay, which, along with a one-way traffic management system, will enable day-to-day operations to run as smoothly as possible. The colour and style of these doors immediately makes apparent the building’s use as a facility for the fire service – an important consideration from early on in the design process.

Internally, the building is split into 2 zones, separated by a compartment wall which spans the full width of the building. Each zone has a differing thermal requirement to reflect the different type of work being carried out within; the west part of the building, split into two storeys, comprises a reception area, office space, meeting rooms and an extensive storage space across both levels, supplemented by staff welfare, canteen and changing facilities. To the east side of the building is the vehicle maintenance workshop along with plant and service spaces. The workshop provides a total of 16 vehicle service bays, with a change in roof height towards the east side of the building enabling the internal height to increase from 7.5m up to 10m above six of the bays, which allows for the servicing of the very largest vehicles within the fleet.

Key to the design and delivery of the project was the co-ordination not only of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines, but also the integration of specialist vehicle ramps and maintenance equipment within the vehicle workshop. There has also been a requirement to ensure 120 minute fire compartmentation around the storage and vehicle workshop areas, due to the type of materials being stored and work being undertaken in these spaces. Close co-ordination with the Client, Fire Engineer and Garage Equipment specialist throughout has therefore been integral to the project.

Energy efficiency and the desire to minimise carbon emissions have also been at the forefront of the design of this project, with the building making use of an energy efficient air-to-water heat pump, boasting approximately 1,400 sqm of PV panels on the roof, and achieving a EPC rating of ‘A’. The facility also encourages the use of sustainable modes of transport, providing electric charging points for commercial vehicles & fire tenders, 3 electric car charging points, 26 bike spaces and ample changing and showering facilities for staff. The mechanical ventilation system provides a consistent temperature and air quality for occupants, with the large windows in office and welfare areas maximising the provision of natural light. Allied with the generous 2.7m ceiling heights and a simple yet tasteful palette of internal finishes, this all helps create a building which inspires staff and visitors alike, and provides the SFRS with a new workplace befitting of the pivotal role which they play within our society.