Jincheng Palace of Fine Arts

Jincheng Palace of Fine Arts


Hanjia / Jincheng Palace of Fine Arts






35000 sqm



memorable but sophisticated mixed use cultural development

In 2010, Keppie were approached by a local partner LDI in Chengdu to assist them with the design concept for a mixed use retail and leisure building on the corner of Renmin East Road and Tianzuo South Street. This is a strategically key junction on the edge of the planned new ‘Cultural Quarter’. The new building would house cinemas, restaurants, high market retail and an opera/theatre performance space.

We felt the prominence of the site demanded a response that was memorable but sophisticated. Its corner location also meant that it could be seen along long vistas on these traditionally wide and straight main roads.

We resisted the idea of a tower, preferring to concentrate on a contemporary but sensitive composition which made the transition from the more formal ‘Tianzuo’ edge, to the more architecturally playful ‘Renmin’ which will eventually house a new Guggenheim Museum at the other end of the square. The project comprised 6 floors above ground, and three basement levels for serving and parking.